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Brit Kavod

A brit ("breet") is a covenant. A covenant is a reciprocal agreement, which this post explains beautifully. This year, we are asking Shoresh parents to read through this section and enter into a brit, a covenant, with their student(s), with other families, and with our Shoresh community to bring kavod (respect) and shalom (peace) to Shoresh each week. ​


Shoresh welcomes all students. The goal of Shoresh is that every student will be a curious, engaged, and skillful Jew living a meaningful Jewish life. Shoresh will try to provide support for students who have physical limitations, medical conditions, learning challenges, emotional issues, family situations, or other special needs to the extent possible. We include all students from all families: those of varied social and interfaith backgrounds, people of color, LGBTQ, and more. Communication at the beginning of and throughout the school year is critical to helping students be successful at Shoresh. Please contact the Religious School Director so we can be sensitive to your child’s individual needs.


We put Jewish values into action, including kavod/respect and derech eretz/the difference between right and wrong. We encourage everyone in the Shoresh community (students, teachers, parents, staff, and others) to treat each other with kindness, dignity, and respect.

We seek to maximize learning and community during our limited time at Shoresh. To this end, students are expected to abide by the Shoresh Brit Kavod/honor covenant. Our expectation is that students will treat their teachers, classmates, the building, and themselves with respect.

Shoresh affirms our commitment to provide a safe, supportive, Jewish learning environment for every student.


Effective learning results when students, teachers, and parents are working together to implement these policies:

  • Students have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that is in the best interest of Shoresh and their fellow students.
  • Parents have a responsibility to help students develop positive attitudes toward learning and behavior.
  • Teachers have a responsibility to develop and encourage positive behavior through teaching and classroom management.
  • The KAM Isaiah Israel staff, leadership, and Shoresh Committee are committed to supporting this brit/covenant.

At Shoresh, learning takes place in a positive learning environment with kavod/mutual respect among students, and between students and teachers. To this end, each class establishes a classroom brit/covenant that will promote positive behavior and discourage improper behavior. This brit/covenant will be created by the teacher and students and will be posted in the classroom. Shoresh has several school-wide expectations:

  • Make safe choices
  • Try your best
  • Use kind words and kind actions
  • Respect yourself, others, and our school

In addition to the terms of each classroom brit/covenant, Shoresh has established a set of behaviors that will not be tolerated in the program:

  • Inappropriate physical contact among students or between a student and a teacher
  • Use of offensive or abusive language in class or within the school
  • Academic dishonesty
  • Defacing school or synagogue property
  • Possession of contraband items (e.g., weapons, drugs, tobacco products) on school property

Meeting expectations

Shoresh is committed to every student’s success and our warm, positive learning environment. Positive behavior will be encouraged and reinforced in each classroom. The teacher will set up the classroom to help students meet expectations and contribute to a positive learning environment.

When a student breaks the school and/or class expectations and discipline problems occur, Shoresh will take disciplinary steps involving the students and parents.

  1. The teacher will take steps to resolve the situation in class, such as reminding the student or students of the expectation, asking the student to take a brief break/time out, and recognizing positive behaviors that the student exhibits.
  2. If necessary, the student will be asked to leave the class and talk with the Religious School Director. Parents will always be notified of the incident and then involved in the process to find mutually agreeable solutions.
  3. In cases where disruptive behavior continues, the Religious School Director will meet with the teacher, parents, and the student to discuss the situation further to help the student be a positive member of the class and the Shoresh community. As appropriate, the Religious School Director and/or Shoresh Committee reserve the right to respond more directly or strictly to a more serious disruption or offense. Shoresh may determine that additional measures, including suspending enrollment, may be necessary.

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, Shoresh and enrolled families jointly will agree to this Brit Kavod, honor covenant, and these guiding principles for our school. The full text of the Brit Kavod can be downloaded as a PDF.

Brit Kavod to be signed by families:

As a student, I agree that I will:
  • Remember that Shoresh and KAM Isaiah Israel is a place of worship and learning.
  • Be respectful of our building and everything in and around it. Therefore, I will not litter, deface, or intentionally damage anything in or around our building.
  • Be respectful of everyone in our community:
    • I will respect my classmates by paying attention when others are speaking, using kind language and manners, listening to others’ opinions, not putting down others, keeping my hands and body to myself, and not using anything that does not belong to me without permission.
    • I will respect my teachers by following the class expectations, listening while the teacher is talking, and doing what is asked of me at Shoresh.
  • Be respectful of myself by always being safety conscious. I will not run, climb, play wildly, or throw anything (except as appropriate in designated areas).
  • I will not treat others in ways in which I do not want to be treated.
As parents, I/we will:
  • Share responsibility for our child as a student who is learning how to become a part of the Jewish people, by trying to make meaning of our child’s exploration of our heritage as a family endeavor and responsibility.
  • Share responsibility for the other learners and the teachers sharing in our learning experience by helping our child to be prepared for class, regularly attending, arriving on time, participating in Shoresh activities, and reinforcing Jewish values at home. We will share with the school the responsibility of monitoring our child’s progress.
As a school, we will:
  • Strive to treat every child with respect, compassion, and active interest
  • Do our best to teach Jewish values, tradition, and knowledge
  • Incorporate all learning styles and abilities whenever possible
  • Reinforce the terms laid out in the inclusion policy

We have read the Brit Kavod/honor covenant and discussed them with our family. We understand that by attending Shoresh we are agreeing to live by the terms of the Brit Kavod/honor covenant.

Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780