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Family education: February 24

Our last family education in this year's series, "Living Judaism at Home," focused on Shabbat. We welcome Shabbat each week at our family Shabbat service at the end of Shoresh, but this program allowed families to learn about family traditions connected to Shabbat and how to make space for Shabbat in their weekends.

Parents learned about the National Day of Unplugging with Rabbi Reeves. The National Day of Unplugging is 24 hours to carve out time to unplug from our devices and relax, unwind, and connect with others.

Over 55 People Did Jewish on Jewish Time

59 people at the 2017 family retreat came together at OSRUI in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to "Do Jewish on Jewish Time"—this year's theme. We had over 20 giggly kids and their parents shouting suggestions for our fun introductory improv activity, in which Rabbi Reeves, Cantor Berger, and beloved Shoresh teacher Shari Granat demonstrated that even lunchtime for 8th grade dinosaurs can be Jewish time.

Family retreat at OSRUI: January 27-29

Family education programs are opportunities for parents and students to learn together, as I've written about before. Our four-part family education series about Living Judaism at Home is a great example of how parents and students can learn concurrently and together to think through how to live Jewishly at home through discussions, projects, and activities.

Thinking about the 2016 election: Jewish texts and actions to take

The election results have elicited a number of reactions, and parents have had in-depth and emotional conversations with their children about the country and how the election of Donald Trump will affect their families. On Friday, Rabbi Reeves led a discussion at Shabbat evening services about the election, including the Jewish perspective and texts and concrete actions to take.