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Parents' back-to-school rite of passage is our sigh when we we ask "What did you do at school today, honey?" and hear crickets in response or, if we're lucky, "Nothing." Fred and I started asking "What did you learn today?" at the dinner table a couple years ago, and we, too, participate, to show our children that even adults learn something each day. When even that question doesn't elicit a response, I'll sometimes ask "What did your teacher try to teach you?" which sometimes prompts conversation.

My vision for Shoresh

Learning how to live Jewishly is so much more than students learning at desks in classrooms-doing Jewish rituals, creating Jewish objects, bringing Judaism to our everyday lives, and creating a Jewish home are all important pieces. My vision is for Shoresh to be an opportunity to discover how to live Jewishly through experiential, active learning.