Abracadabra: An Evening of Magic, Music, and Merriment


אברא כדברא
“I will create through this word”

Magicians use this word to make their magic happen.  How often do we wish we could do the same?  Dishes – ABRACADABRA  done!  Laundry – ABRACADABRA – done!

But it doesn’t take magic to make KAM Isaiah Israel a warm and welcoming place.  It just takes all of us joining together. We invite you to celebrate our congregation at a festive evening featuring strolling and stage magicians from the Chicago Magic Lounge and music by Patrick Rosen.

SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 2018 at KAM Isaiah Israel

6:00 PM  |  Cocktails and Havadalah  |  Strolling Magic
7:30 PM  |  Dinner  |  Stage Magic:  John Sturk, Luis Carreon, and Justin Purcell
and The Famous KAMII Raffle


Ernestine Austen, Co-chair
Andy Howard, Co-chair
Roslyn Cohen
Patrick Rosen
Bob Stillman
Janet Surkin
Amy Gelman, Congregation President
Rabbi Fred Reeves