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2020 Congregational Retreat

2020 Retreat Registration

The 2020 congregational retreat will be January 24-26, 2020 at OSRUI in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Visit this webpage for more details about the retreat.

Please sign in to the website before filling out this form. Doing so will allow you to bill to your account, open multiple payment options, and autofill your contact information.

Adults staying in a room by themselves are subject to a single supplement charge. Children 2nd grade or over who stay with their parents and not in the cabins are subject to a supplement charge. These charges are passed down directly from OSRUI's pricing structure.


This is the email to which the confirmation will be sent.


This will help us plan programming, confirm dinner numbers with OSRUI, and make sure we don't worry about you!


A brit ("breet") is a covenant. We ask retreat attendees to read through this section and enter into a brit, a covenant, with the people in your family attending the retreat, with other families, and with our KAM Isaiah Israel community to bring kavod (respect) and shalom (peace) to our retreat experience. 

AS A CHILD, I agree that I will: 
  • Remember that Shoresh and KAM Isaiah Israel is a place of worship and learning, even at a different site for the retreat.
  • Be respectful of the OSRUI space and everything in and around it. Therefore I will not litter, deface, or damage anything.
  • Be respectful of everyone in our community: 
    • I will respect my peers by paying attention when others are speaking, using kind language and manners, keeping my hands and body to myself, not using anything that does not belong to me, not putting down others, and listening to others’ opinions.
    • I will respect the adult leaders by following Shoresh-wide expectations, listening while the teacher is talking, and doing what is asked of me at the retreat.
  • Be respectful of myself by always being safety conscious. I will not run, climb, play wildly, or throw anything (except as appropriate in designated areas).
  • I will not treat others in ways in which I do not want to be treated. 
AS AN ADULT, I will: 
  • Share responsibility for children and other attendees as a shared community. 
  • Share responsibility for the other people at the retreat sharing in our retreat experience by helping  be prepared, participating fully in retreat activities, and reinforcing Jewish values.
AS A SYNAGOGUE, we will: 
  • Strive to treat every retreat attendee with respect, compassion, and active interest 
  • Do our best to teach Jewish values, tradition, and knowledge 
  • Incorporate all learning styles and abilities whenever possible 
  • Reinforce the terms laid out in the inclusion policy 
We have read the Brit Kavod/honor covenant and discussed it with our family. We understand that by attending the retreat we are agreeing to the terms of the Brit Kavod/honor covenant.
By typing your name, you agree to enter in to this brit ("breet"), this covenant, with KAM Isaiah Israel during the 2020 congregational retreat.
Release form
  1. In the event that we/I cannot be reached in an emergency, I/we authorize a KAM Isaiah Israel representative to seek medical attention for my children.
  2. I give permission for photos and videos of my family and me to be used for publicity purposes, including but not limited to KAM Isaiah Israel emails, website, and social media.
  3. I release KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation, its trustees, officers, employees, agents, and all other persons participating in our chaperoning such field trip from all claims which I or my children may have for personal injuries (or emergency medical care related to such injuries), known or unknown, which my children may incur by participating in such activity.
By typing your name, you agree to the release form terms above during the 2020 congregational retreat.


KAM Isaiah Israel is committed to making the retreat accessible to all families. If you would like to attend the retreat and need financial assistance to do so, register for the retreat using the financial assistance option and we will contact you about the financial assistance that is available.
If you would like to make an optional tax-deductible donation to KAM Isaiah Israel to help those in need of financial assistance, please enter the amount above.
Tue, August 11 2020 21 Av 5780