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2021-2022 Membership Renewal and Dues Commitment

2021-22 Membership Renewal & Dues Commitment

KAM Isaiah Israel welcomes everyone as members. Your dues commitment at any level makes all of our programming and events possible! Please call 773.924.1234 or email if you have any general questions about using this form or making your dues commitment.

To be considered a member in good standing and receive High Holy Day tickets, your past dues must be paid in full (unless other arrangements have been made with the office) and you must pledge your 2021-2022 membership dues. Please help us out by making your pledge as soon as possible and before Erev Rosh HaShanah on Monday, September 6.

Thank you for your support!

Household Information

Adult #1
Adult #2
(if applicable)
Please note that as we work to update our ShulCloud database this year, we will be moving adult children, over the age of 25 to separate household accounts. Please indicate below, if you have any adult children over 25 who are living at home or if there is another reason we should keep them in your household account.
If the information is not correct, please update your contact information in this form by deleting and updating the incorrect fields. Check the box when everything is up to date.

Membership Dues Commitment

Please confirm your dues commitment level below, which should be the same as your commitment from last year. If you would like to increase your dues commitment (scroll down further to see commitment levels) please delete the amount in the box below and write your desired amount. 
If you have any questions about which commitment level is right for you or need to make an adjustment from last year, please reach out to Andy Kirschner, Director of Community Engagement at or 773.219.0228. 

After completing this page, you will be prompted to make payment arrangements for your total 2020-2021 pledge. Dues can be paid in full or broken into multiple payments over the course of the next year, using credit card, electronic check, or billing your account to pay by standard check.
Membership Dues Commitment Levels
Please choose one option from the dues commitment levels provided below. Those seeking all the privileges of membership should choose either a Standard or Enhanced Commitment Level.
  • Standard Membership Levels include access to the discounted member rate for Shoresh (religious school) tuition.
    • Partner: $2,100
    • Sustainer: $3,300
    • Sponsor: $5,000
    • Requesting Adjusted Dues
  • Enhanced Membership Levels include full Shoresh (religious school) tuition for all children in the immediate household. Fees are not included.
    • Advocate: $7,500 and higher
    • Builder: $12,500 and higher
    • Visionary: $25,000 and higher
  • Non-member options include:
    • Student: $18. Select if you are full-time student and would still like to participate in our community beyond just coming to High Holy Day services.
    • KAMII Supporter: $360. Select this option if you belong predominantly to another synagogue or live out of state and would still like to support the KAMII community.

Shoresh Enrollment 

Click here or contact Religious School Director Lauren Reeves for more information about Shoresh, our Shabbat-based religious school program for Kindergarten-10th grade learners.
Please fill out the fields below for the learner(s) you are enrolling. Our Religious School Director will contact you to welcome you, get any additional information needed, and follow up about tuition.
This may include learning differences, emotional or family issues, food restrictions or allergies, etc. The Religious School Director will follow up to discuss ways we can help your child thrive.

This may include learning differences, emotional or family issues, food restrictions or allergies, etc. The Religious School Director will follow up to discuss ways we can help your child thrive.

This may include learning differences, emotional or family issues, food restrictions or allergies, etc. The Religious School Director will follow up to discuss ways we can help your child thrive.

In case of injury or illness, every effort will be made to contact the parent(s)/guardian(s). Please provide an additional contact in the event that the parent(s)/guardian(s) cannot be reached
A brit ("breet") is a covenant. We ask Shoresh parents to read through this document and enter into a brit, a covenant, with their child(ren), with other families, and with our Shoresh community to bring kavod (respect) and shalom (peace) to Shoresh each week. 

Please read the text of the Brit Kavod and enter your name here. By typing your name, you agree to enter in to this brit ("breet"), this covenant, with Shoresh during the 2021-22 school year.
  1. In the event that we/I cannot be reached in an emergency, I/we authorize a KAM Isaiah Israel representative to seek medical attention for my child(ren).
  2. I give permission for photos and videos of my child(ren) to be used for publicity purposes, including but not limited to KAM Isaiah Israel emails, website, and social media. If there are limitations to this permission for my child(ren) I will notify KAM Isaiah Israel in writing before the Shoresh year.
  3. I give permission for learning sessions to be recorded for the purposes of observation and supervision for Shoresh teachers. Recordings will be used exclusively by KAM Isaiah Israel and Shoresh staff and teachers to review and will not be distributed beyond the faculty. Recordings will be deleted after use for teacher observation.
  4. The above child(ren) has/have permission to participate in all class field trips during the 2021 - 2022 school year. I will be notified in advance of all trips. I will notify the school in writing if my child(ren) is/are unable to participate.
  5. I release KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation, its trustees, officers, employees, agents, and all other persons participating in our chaperoning such field trip from all claims which I or my children may have for personal injuries (or emergency medical care related to such injuries), known or unknown, which my children may incur by participating in such activity.
By typing your name, you agree to these terms during the 2021-2022 school year.

Additional Information

Please include the following:
  • Full name of deceased
  • Date of death (Gregorian calendar)
  • After or before sunset (Used to calculate Hebrew calendar date)
  • Person to be notified
  • Relationship to the deceased
  • Wish to observe Yahrzeit by Hebrew or Gregorian calendar
Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782