Shabbat Azameir

An immersive musical experience, Shabbat Azameir ("I will sing") echoes with kabbalistic resonance going back to the mystics of Tzfat in Israel. Built as an immersive musical experience, Shabbat Azameir joins together Sephardic traditional songs, brand new compositions by our own Cantor Berger, some of our favorite Janowski melodies in new arrangements, and more.

  • Want to join the choir for the night?  Arrive at 6:00 PM for a quick rehearsal ahead of services.
  • Do you play an instrument?  Contact Cantor Berger and join the Azameir band! The music will be better when you play with us.

Shabbat Azameir dates for 2017-18 are: November 10, February 16, March 23, April 27, and May 25.