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Angry with God

Working together with pianist Chris Mahieu and string players Alexa Muhly and Dan Golden, Cantor David Berger presents seven songs of Jewish tradition and experience that give voice to feelings of hurt and anger with God. Sung in three languages and bridging diverse musical styles, cultures and centuries, each song is introduced by a leading thinker in today's international Jewish landscape who makes these old texts and melodies newly relevant to our emerging post-COVID theology.

Passionate, sad, hopeful, defiant, and even just plain angry - this music and the inspiration offered by the incredible array of guest speakers - aims to give us all permission to be real with God and ourselves as we respond intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to a world and a God in which COVID could happen.

Angry with God is a series of pre-recorded videos. Starting Saturday, July 17, we will be releasing the videos to YouTube and linking them down below.


1) Saturday, July 17th
(Erev Tisha B'av)
Lamentation, from Jeremiah Symphony by Leonard Bernstein, intro by Rabbi Frederick Reeves

4) Monday, July 26th
Shomer Yisroel, words and music by A.W. Binder, intro by Dr. Claire Sufrin
7) Monday, August 9th
Y'didi Hashachachta, words by Yehuda Halevy, music Traditional Moroccan melody, intro by Rabbi Dr. Mimi Feigelson
2) Tuesday, July 20th
A Din Toyre, by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, arranged by Leo Low, intro by Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson
5) Thursday, July 29th
Al Tasteir (Don't Hide Your Face From Me), music and words by Debbie Friedman, intro by Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller

3) Thursday, July 22nd
Hebrew Poem, text by Avraham Shlonsky, music by Verdina Shlonksy, intro by Rabbi Reuven Greenwald
6) Thursday, August 5th
Merciful God, words by Kadia Molodowsky, music by Lazar Weiner, intro by Rabbi Dr. Rachel Mikva

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782