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Lifecycle Events

We are an extended family and—like any family—we are excited to be part of the major milestones in our members’ lives. At every stage of life, our clergy are available. We are happy to work with you to make your life cycle events significant, memorable, and customized to your family. If you have a question about a life cycle or would like our clergy to guide you through such a milestone, please contact us.
We are delighted to welcome new babies into our community and share in this special occasion! Each family and celebration is unique, and there are often creative ways to involve and honor relatives and friends, regardless of whether or not they are Jewish. For brit milah, we work with several mohalim (ritual circumcisers) in the area. Please contact our clergy as you start to think about ways to welcome a new child into the covenant of the Jewish people and to our community.
Consecration is one of the most delightful ceremonies on our calendar. Imagine watching your kindergarten-aged child standing with the clergy, singing the Shema, receiving a blessing and their own miniature Torah scroll. Beyond the joy of the occasion, of course, is its significance: Consecration marks a child’s entrance into his or her formal Jewish education.
The celebration of a child’s becoming B’nai mitzvah is one of the greatest events in the life cycle of a Jewish family. B’nai Mitzvahceremonies take place on Saturday morning as part of our regular Shabbat worship. Our program is flexible and meaningful, allowing for each individual child to shine in his or her own unique ways. The B’nai Mitzvah program at KAM Isaiah Israel includes lots of individual time with clergy and the Six Points Project—our own version of a B’nai Mitzvah project that combines social justice with learning and Jewish identity with creative expression.
A wedding is a momentous occasion, both as a milestone in a couple’s life and in terms of the coordination necessary for such a celebration. We want to help make each wedding ceremony comfortable and authentic for our diverse couples and their families. We encourage couples to contact us as soon as they can to either reserve space or make sure the clergy’s calendar is free. There are many rituals connected to a Jewish wedding, and thus many decisions for each couple, in consultation with clergy, to make about the ceremony, and we look forward to helping with all those decisions.

When a loved one dies, families and friends need comfort and support. There are often many decisions to be made amidst a time of emotional and spiritual needs. Our clergy are available to be present the entire time a loved one’s death approaches, as you are faced with decisions about funeral arrangements or hospice care, and in the days, weeks, and months of mourning that follow. Our clergy can conduct funeral services for members of the congregation and conduct or organize a shiva minyan in the member's home following the funeral. Our Caring Committee provides assistance and baked goods for shiva minyans for families in mourning.
Our staff is delighted to help plan your event at the synagogue. For more information please contact our office at 773.924.1234
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